In this episode, we discuss the impact of Apple’s announcement of the new iPhones, Apple Pay and Apple Watch and Google’s new “Android One” on Asia with Sameer Singh. Of course, we discuss two interesting observations: the bifurcation of Asian companies moving upstream but unable to break into an upstream brand like Apple or Louis Vuitton with Samsung being a victim in the process, and how Xiaomi might be able to break out from that brand problem. We also discuss whether Apple is positioning itself to be the Louis Vuitton of technology or Louis Vuitton “with technology” in Asia and the possibility of a Asian technology OEM should buy Cyanogen Mod to combat against Apple and Google.

Here are the articles which form the basis for our discussion:

Editor’s Note: We encounter some technical issues during our conversation on Uber, and the sound quality is bad that we are unable to put that piece into the final podcast. We apologize that we are unable to put it in. Rest assured that we definitely get Sameer Singh to come onboard sometime soon and have a great discussion on Uber and the logistics industry.

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