Jeffrey Paine, founding partner of Golden Gate Ventures and director of the Founder Institute (FI), Singapore sits down with us to discuss the story behind Founder Institute in Asia and the state of venture capital in Southeast Asia. He start his story from the days of he first built the institute in Singapore and subsequently expanding to other parts of Asia. We also discuss the state of venture capital in Southeast Asia, and whether the ongoing large valuations are leading towards a bubble in the region.

Here are the interesting notes & links to the discussion:

  • The story of Jeff Paine (@jpaine)
  • Founders Institute
    • What is the mission and vision of FI? Who is it started by? How did you learn about the program before it started in Singapore.
    • Global Stats: 1563 companies, 87.5% survival rate, 15K+ jobs created
    • How did Jeff start The Founders Institute in Singapore?
    • What is the FI program and how does it work for entrepreneurs, investors and mentors?
    • How does FI select people into the FI program?
    • How do entrepreneurs join the FI and how do they graduate?
    • What are the interesting companies which came out of Founders Institute?
    • How does Founders Institute handle entrepreneurs who fail?
    • How does the program extend to other parts of Southeast Asia or beyond?
  • Golden Gate Ventures
    • What is the investment thesis of Jeff Paine?
    • What types of startups or founders best caught your interest or you are likely to invest in?
    • What is your advice to people who want to go into venture capital in Singapore?
    • What are the common mistakes that founders make in pitching to you? Choose your beach head market wisely.
  • Southeast Asia ecosystem
    • What are the trends in the early stage investing to venture capital space?
    • What are Jeff’s thoughts on valuations of startups in Southeast Asia? Is the ecosystem heading towards a bubble?
    • What are your thoughts in emerging markets: Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand?

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