Bernard and Justin talk all things India and cars with the ever exciting Prasoon, CTO of FirstRide. Prasoon lends great advice to young entrepreneurs looking for problems to solve: look at what annoys you in your own life! India’s burgeoning middle class is increasingly looking to buy cars, as Prasoon explains, car ownership is a significant status symbol in India making FirstRide’s go-to-market timing impeccable.
Consumers use FirstRide to book test drives. FirstRide work with dealers to bring the test drive to the customer’s doorstep as soon as the next day – a luxury that pampers the customer. They drive on familiar roads and can bring the whole family along. Buyers can compare financing options, determine their budget, and apply for loans, all online. We promise them a great price and take a $100 deposit online. Now consumers can buy a car in a matter of 2–3 days, without ever visiting a dealership. (JFDI Profile)