Wild Ride, Inside Uber’s Quest for World Domination, is part company history and part profile of Travis Kalanick, Uber’s CEO. Written by Fortune Executive Editor Adam Lashinsky (also author of Inside Apple), it is a readable account of Uber’s story (so far).

I learnt more about Kalanick than Uber the company:

  • His key strategy: Uber is a technology company, not merely a limo company.
  • Copying is ok: he saw Lyft’s success with its app-based ride sharing scheme and copied it with UberX, the service that propelled Uber to fame
  • He is obsessive about his own reputation as a ***hole. Given the recent troubles of the company, the book has clearly laid out how the company is shaped by one of the founders in the company.

Last word:  I am disappointed. I do enjoy reading veteran editor/writer Lashinsky’s insights and features in Fortune magazine. But Wild Fire fell short. It didn’t reveal anything that good research could have provided.

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