Before the special episode 200, we have a special episode from China Tech Talk hosted by John Artman from Technode & Matthew Brennan from China Channel where our host Bernard Leong was recently chatting about the entrance of Baidu, Alibaba & Tencent in Southeast Asia. In the conversation, we discussed the chronology to how the Chinese companies have set foot in the region and how Southeast Asia as a market appears to the rest of the world in social, political & economical terms.

This episode of China Tech Talk has been originally published in Technode.

We reproduce the show notes from Technode & thank the hosts John Artman and Matthew Brennan for letting us publish this episode on Analyse Asia as a special episode before our 200th episode.

This week John and Matthew talk with Bernard Leong, host of the Analyse Asia podcast, about Alibaba and Tencent’s activity in Southeast Asia, including:

  • Why banks aren’t competing with each other but with other tech companies
  • Why Southeast Asia may be Amazon’s Waterloo
  • Why WeChat and WhatsApp have been so slow
  • Why Tencent and Alibaba may team up


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