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15 Minutes Podcast with Startups in Asia.

15 Minutes Beta Episode 3: FirstRide

Bernard and Justin talk all things India and cars with the ever exciting Prasoon, CTO of FirstRide. Prasoon lends great advice to young entrepreneurs looking for problems to solve: look at what annoys you in your own life! India’s burgeoning middle class is increasingly looking to buy cars, as Prasoon explains, car ownership is a

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15 Minutes Beta Episode 2: Bakipa

In an exciting chat, Bernard and Justin talk with Marigold and Tom, the founders of Bakipa. As we learned in the show, Bakipa stands for Babies, Kids and Parents as the marketplace caters to all three! In this revealing discussion, Marigold talks about the success of the duos Facebook campaigns and varying strategies to monetize

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15 Minutes Beta Episode 1: Taembe

In the inaugural episode of 15 minutes, Bernard and Justin talk to Don Phan, founder and CEO of (ta-um-bey). The trio discuss the the evolution of e-commerce in Vietnam, a key factor in Taembe’s success. Don also provides insight about Vietnam’s demographics, making it ripe for Taembe and ecommerce in general. We also discuss

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