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Episode 260: Pinduoduo & their upcoming IPO in China with Matthew Brennan

Matthew Brennan, co-founder of China Channel and host of China Tech Talk, joined us to discuss Pinduoduo, the three year old social ecommerce company backed by Tencent slated for an IPO this year. We discussed the origins of Pinduoduo and why they labelled themselves as the amalgamation of Costco and Disney, their products and services

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Weekly Review #0000003: Why Tencent will beat Facebook in the long term, Part 2

In our review #0000003 this week, we discussed the tussle of Alibaba & Didi over Ofo, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist on why the startups need to learn from China, and how South Korea’s potential ban of cryptocurrency exchanges might dent the bitcoin markets.

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Weekly Review #0000002: Why Tencent will beat Facebook in the long term, Part 1

In our review #0000002 this week, we discussed why Hong Kong Stock Exchange is poised to be an ideal location for major Chinese technology companies to go public, the deal between Xiaomi and Facebook and how to follow the Chinese technology giants and SoftBank in their investments across Southeast Asia and India.

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Forrest Li is Singapore tech’s next​ poster boy

Finally, Singapore has a new tech poster boy in China-born Forrest Li (photo above), a permanent resident in Singapore. A May 24 report from CNBC says ​Li has​ filed to list his Internet company, Sea, formerly known as Garena, in the United States in early 2018. ​The listing could raise about US$1 billion for the nine-year-old company. Before Li,

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