Our Values

As a start-up, we have aspired to a set of values that define our culture from one person to a major corporation in the future: Exponential, Focus, Execution, Frugal, Ethical and Indestructible.

Exponential: The aim is to be 10x not 10%. We believe the power of exponential technologies and business to make the world a better place. The world will be a better place when we make things abundant and not scarce. Exponential means think big, act small, fail fast and learn quickly by examining different possibilities to a problem.

Focus: We want the organization to go into flow and hence focus on the objectives of the company is important for us to move forward. We want to focus as a team on one aim and many objectives and not silos in moving forward with every battle and war.

Execution: We believe in the competitive advantage of giving a damn. The only way to make things happen and successful is to execute flawlessly with the least amount of mistakes possible. In times of war, we need to get shit done. When we fulfil our objectives, the question to ask is “What’s next?”.

Frugal: We believe in using the least amount of resources to achieve the largest impact. We strive not to waste resources to solve business problems. Being frugal is not being cheap, and we have no fear in doubling down when necessary.

Ethical: We want to contribute to the human race as much as we can. We believe in the principles of justice and the rule of law and most important with an ethical backbone.

Indestructible: We believe in the organisation exist beyond the founder and his descendants, and the legacy to human race is the company, which is why our holding company is called Dorje Media Pte Limited, which Dorje in Zen buddhism means indestructible. We take a long term view in every endeavour, and not be swayed by short term gains, and yet remain flexible at times of danger and chaos.